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Every Grant

Tells 2 Stories

One explicitly written, the other between the lines of the application. 

What Story is Your Application Telling Funders? 

If you're like most nonprofits your grant story focuses on why your nonprofit needs funding ASAP. That's completely understandable because your programs and services ARE needed by the community you serve. 

Unfortunately, grant funders don't see things the same way.  They're less concerned with what your nonprofit needs, and more concerned with making a solid investment. If your grant doesn't check off the right boxes, it will be dismissed out of hand. 

That's where I come in. 

My name is Rachel Niemczyk, and I'm a grant writing consultant who has been on both sides of the reviewing table. My goal is to help you obtain the funding you need to positively impact your community.


In my first year as a grant writer I secured over $91,000 for my clients. Just as I helped them, I'll use my knowledge and experience to improve your chances of submitting successful grant applications. 

Are you ready to get started? 

Rachel was a huge asset with taking the lead on recent grant proposals and submissions. She was very thoughtful, flexible, patient, complete and thorough. Rachel provided another view and was very honest and objective. She made the process much more manageable and possible. I greatly enjoyed collaborating with Rachel and look forward to working with her again. I would definitely recommend Rachel for any grant writing responsibilities and strategies.

- Mike Johnson, The Gateway Family YMCA











Still have questions? Completely understandable! Send me a message and I'll answer within 48 hours. 

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