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© 2019 by Words with Impact. 

Hi! I'm Rachel Niemczyk, 
the owner of Words with Impact

I’ve always loved reading and writing – as a kid you could often find me with my nose in a book. (Not much has changed since.) It’s this love of words and storytelling that caused me to major in English Literature at Rutgers University, Newark and become a research assistant for one of my professors.

After Rutgers I tried my hand at different types of writing: articles, manuals, product descriptions, and ultimately grants. Each experience sharpened my skills so that I can provide several grant writing services to you today.

My ultimate goal is to make a positive difference in communities, one word at a time, through grant writing services. Everyone deserves the chance to start a new chapter in their life's story, and nonprofits provide the programs and services that allow people to do that. The best way I can help nonprofits is to highlight those stories in a way that makes an impact on funders.

Grant Professionals Association Membership

B.A. in English Literature. 

Panelist at Grant Researching & Proposal Writing Workshop

Say the right words at the right time,

and you can make men weep or cry with joy.

You can change them.

You can change people’s minds just with words.

-  Doctor Who, The Shakesperean Code