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Celebrate Every Writing Victory - Big or Small - to Move Past Self-Double & Reach Your Writing Goals

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One of the hardest parts of being a writer is battling with your own self-doubt and criticism - it can be crippling if you don’t keep it in perspective! Whether the criticism starts because of comparing yourself to others or feedback you received on your writing, it has the same effect of deterring you from reaching your writing goals.

So how do you combat that?

I’ve found that celebrating every writing victory - however big or small it may be - is fantastic motivation to keep moving forward. It reminds you of how far you’ve come from the start line, and allows you to imagine how much more you can achieve in the future.

There’s no set limit on what you can celebrate either!

  • Reaching your word goal for the day

  • Figuring out the name for a character

  • Getting your work published

  • Getting your work published and being paid for it

  • A social media post reaching a large audience

  • Learning a new writing technique or style you can apply to your project

  • Outlining your next project

  • Winning a writing contest

  • Having a writer you admire like or comment on your writing

  • Reading the perfect quote to inspire your next project

Celebrating these moments may seem extravagant or over the top to some, but it’s not. Because when you forget to celebrate these moments they lose their importance, and when they’re not important you forget the value of what you’re really doing.

Now, this isn’t to say your celebrations have to be over the top parties or excuses to binge on sweets (although you may want to do one of those for a big win). A celebration can be as small as giving yourself permission to call/text/FaceTime your friends about it, jump up and down in joy to your favorite song for a few minutes, or post on social media about it. All that matters is consciously taking time to recognize you accomplished something that will take you closer to your writing goals

Do you celebrate those moments that bring you closer to your writing goals? If you do, how do you celebrate? Personally I’m a fan of dancing to my favorite songs and calling up friends/family in excitement. 😁

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Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next week with another article!

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