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Fluxx's Grantseeker

One of the biggest challenges of writing & submitting grants is keeping track of all the deadlines. Grants you need to write, grants submitted, grants earned, grant reports that need to be generated, the list goes on. Thankfully, Fluxx has your back with grants management software that starts with a basic, free version you can upgrade later on, so you can keep your sanity and improve your grant department's efficiency.

Although this isn't a free resource, saving money is paramount to a nonprofit's success and TechSoup will help you do just that! It offers you access to software and hardware at a discount that can't be ignored. For instance, if you like the grant database Grantstation you can sign up for it via TechSoup for $299; normally the, 1-year subscription is $699. This is one investment that will pay for itself in the long run. 


Candid'sFunding Information Network

Candid's online grant databases Foundation Directory Online and Foundation Grants to Individuals are paid subscriptions, it's true. However, did you know you can  can access their grant database free of charge if you visit a Funding Information Network location? Read this blog post to learn how to find these locations and the other free resources you may find available at them. 


If you're an education based nonprofit you may not even want to look at Candid's Funding information Network locations because you have a free grant database available to you: Their search engine is fantastic for a free site and allows you to narrow down grants by institution eligibility, grade level, educational focus area, content area, and 21st century skills. 


Every month GrantHub offers 3 free webinars; one is a grants management product demonstration, one is webinar to help clients use their software, and the other is an educational session by an experienced grant professional. If you want to up your grant writing game, these webinars, especially the educational webinars,  will help you keep up with the tips & tricks professionals use. 

Building the "Total Value" Proposal Budget

As a grant writing consultant I don't often have to work on grant budgets, but when I do I use this specific Granthub webinar as my guide. It explains how to include items like volunteer hours and donations in the program budget so that funders see the full cost of your program, and how much you have already secured. The more you secure before approaching a funder, the safer an investment your program will be to them. 

Independent Sector's Value of Volunteer Time

Independent Sector is respected across the nonprofit field as a reputable source of information for the value of volunteer hours. Each year they calculate the current value of volunteer time so you can use that hourly rate when forming your program's budget. Better yet, they provide both the national and state averages so you can tailor the information to your specific needs.


25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy - The Write Life

Want to keep your grant reviewer's attention and inspire confidence? You need to switch from using passive voice to active voice. If you're new to the idea of active voice, or just want to bring your writing to the next level, this article is the perfect guide. All of the tips are easy to use and come with examples so you'll understand why they're so effective and be more willing to employ them. 

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