New to the world of grants and don't know where to begin? Have several years in the nonprofit sector under your belt, but want a neutral party's opinion? A grant consultation is just what you need. In these meetings we can discuss what you need to do to confidently move forward with your nonprofit's fundraising goals. Best of all? The first, 20 minute consultation is free! 


Anyone who has searched for grants knows that grant searches take time and attention to detail. Even if your program is a 90% match to the grant funding opportunity, you can still be denied funding. How do you avoid this? Let me do the searching for you. I know what to look for and can put in the time researching the proposal and contacting the funder to ensure your program meets their requirements and is eligible to apply for this funding opportunity. 


Non-profit organizations often don't have the time or resources to research funders, discover each grant application's idiosyncrasies, and write a compelling application – working with non-profits like The Gateway Family YMCA and Greater Newark Conservancy taught me this first hand. As a grant writer, I can help you through the grant process to give you the best possible chance for funding. Whether you're submitting an LOI or an RFP for a foundation, corporation, or government grant, I can work on the application so you can help your organization reach its goals.

On the other side of the grants process is grant reviewing – analyzing grant applications using funder specific guidelines and/or scoring charts. Working as a peer reviewer for New Jersey’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives (OFBI) gave me insider knowledge that I can use to improve your grant applications and chances of obtaining funding. I'll review and revise your work to make sure it is clear, consistent, organized, and free of typos. Small details like these make the difference between assuring funders you are prepared to wisely spend their financial investment or unintentionally telling funders you don't have your act together. 


Ready to Start Working Together? 

Contact me to inquire about prices. I know each nonprofit's situation is different, and one price won't fit all. That's why I tailor my service fees to each nonprofit (or individual artist) that I work with. Whether you're just starting out or well established I want you to have access to the services you need to thrive without breaking the budget.